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Gentle Hair Care

Our gentle hair care products are formulated to provide effective hair care without using harsh chemicals. Simple base formulas are enriched with natural ingredients to give great results.

Curl Enhancing Shampoo for curly and wavy hair - Gentle Hair Dye
Curl Enhancing Shampoo
$10.63   more info...
First Aid conditioner for dry hair and curly hair - Gentle Hair Dye
First Aid Conditioner
$11.88   more info...
Magic wheat protein conditioner for dry and damaged hair - Gentle Hair Dye
$12.50   more info...
Smooth and shine shampoo for dry and coarse hair - Gentle Hair Dye
Smooth and Shine Shampoo
$10.63   more info...
Smooth and Shine Conditioner - Gentle Hair Dye
Smooth and Shine Conditioner
$11.25   more info...
Natural Anti Dandruff Shampoo for Sensitive Scalp - Gentle Hair Dye
Dandruff Scalp Therapy Shampoo
$11.25   more info...
Natural Volumising Shampoo for Fine Hair | Gentle Hair Dye
Volumising Shampoo
$10.63   more info...
Natural volumising conditioner for fine hair - Gentle Hair Dye
Volumising Conditioner
$11.88   more info...
Body Builder Hair Spray for Fine Hair - Gentle Hair Dye
Body Builder Spray
$11.88   more info...
Logona Mineral Clay Pre-Treatment for hair dye pre-treatment
Mineral Clay Pre-Treatment
$9.94   more info...
Logona Colour Fix After Treatment
Colour Fix After Treatment
$9.94   more info...
Super Naturals Style and Shine Pomade - Gentle Hair Dye
Style & Shine Pomade
$12.50   more info...
Super Naturals Styling Wax - Gentle Hair Dye
Styling Wax
$11.88   more info...
Soothe and Grow shampoo - nettle shampoo UK
Soothe & Grow Shampoo
$13.13   more info...
Soothe and Grow Conditioner - Lavender, Nettle and Rosemary Conditioner for itchy scalp
Soothe & Grow Conditioner
$15.00   more info...
sensitive body and hair shampoo for sensitive scalp and sensitive skin
Sensitive Hair and Body Shampoo
$13.13   more info...
Sensitive hair conditioner for sensitive skin and sensitive scalp
Sensitive Hair Conditioner
$15.00   more info...
Moisturising conditioner for dry hair with avocado oil and coconut oil
Moisture Injection Conditioner
$15.00   more info...
Moisture Injection Shampoo - Vegan moisturising shampoo for dry hair
Moisture Injection Shampoo
$13.13   more info...
Lengthen and Strengthen Shampoo - Rosemary oil shampoo for hair growth
Lengthen & Strengthen Shampoo
$13.13   more info...
Lengthen and Strengthen repairing conditioner for damaged hair
Lengthen & Strengthen Conditioner
$15.00   more info...
Coconut Hairbrush - Cocoa
$11.25   more info...
Head Jog Coconut Eco Friendly Natural Hair Brush - Gentle Hair Dye
Coconut Hair Brush - Cream
$11.25   more info...
Head Jog C7 Pin Tail Comb - Gentle Hair Dye
Pin Tail Comb
$5.00   more info...
Environmentally Friendly Natural Straw Whale Hair Clip - Gentle Hair Dye
Straw Whale Clip
$6.25   more info...
Large Hair Sectioning Clips - Gentle Hair Dye
$8.75   more info...
Eco Friendly Hairdressing Gown for Hair Dying | Gentle Hair Dye
Eco-friendly Gown
$20.00   more info...
All 1 Clean Hair Colour Remover Wipes - Hair Dye Remover Wipes | Gentle Hair Dye
Colour Remover Wipes
$8.75   more info...
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