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It's Pure Henna Hair Dye

It's Pure Henna hair dye is an award-winning range of 100% natural henna hair colour which is the only hair dye certified as 100% organic by The Soil Association.

It's naturally free from PPD, ammonia and peroxide, so It's Pure Organics hair dye is an excellent choice for those who have experienced an allergic reaction to synthetic hair dyes. Enriched with ayurvedic herbs, It's Pure Henna will leave your hair in fabulous condition.

All henna hair dyes work with your hair's natural colour, so whilst results will vary, the end results will be uniquely yours. For tips on how the different henna colour shades should work with different hair colours, click 'how will this look'. To get an even better idea, why not order one or two tester pots so you can strand test?

In brief...

  • Free from Ammonia, PPD and Peroxide
  • Vegan, 100% Certified Organic and Cruelty Free
  • Lasts up to 24 washes
  • 30 minute to 4 hour application time

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Colour Chart

It's Pure Organics Henna Hair Dye is a natural product, free from bleaching agents - it can only work with your natural hair colour, and will not lighten. It is ideal for covering greys, darkening your hair or adding undertones.

Golden Blonde Henna hair dye - Its Pure Organics hair dye Golden Blonde
Golden Blonde Henna
How will this look?
Strawberry Blonde henna hair colour - Its Pure Organics Henna Hair Dye
Strawberry Blonde Henna
How will this look?
Its Pure Organics Auburn Henna Hair Colour
Auburn Henna
How will this look?
Henna hair dye red - Red It's Pure Organics Organic Hair Dye
Red Henna
How will this look?
It's Pure Organics Chestnut Brown hair colour - Chestnut Henna Hair Dye
Chestnut Henna
How will this look?
It's Pure Organics Natural Brown Henna Hair Colour
Natural Brown Henna
How will this look?
Dark Brown Henna Hair Dye - Its Pure Organics Organic Hair Colour
Dark Brown Henna
How will this look?
Very Dark Brown It's Pure Organics Henna Hair Dye
Very Dark Brown Henna
How will this look?
Indigo Black Henna Hair Dye - It's Pure Organic Organic Hair Dye Black
Indigo Black
How will this look?
It's Pure Organics Hair Dye Tester Samples
It's Pure Testers
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In more detail...

It’s Pure Organics Henna hair dye powder is very simple to use – all you need to do is add the powder to warm water in a non-metallic bowl, mix into a paste and apply. Use a tint brush for more accurate application, especially if just applying to roots. Cover your hair with the plastic cap provided and a warm towel.

The amount of time it needs to be left depends on the shade from 30 minutes to 4 hours. Follow the full instructions included in your pack carefully.

We also stock the Logona Mineral Clay Pre-Treatment and Logona Colour Fix After Treatment for those wanting to extend the longevity of their henna hair colour.

Questions & Answers

What ingredients are in It's Pure Henna?

It's Pure Organics Henna hair dye colours are each made of a mix containing the following organic ingredients:

Cassia Auriculata (Cassia), Indigofera Tinctoria (Indigo), Rheum Palmatum (Rhubarb Root), Lawsonia Inermis (Henna), Emblica Officinalis (Amla), Curcuma Longa (Turmeric), Azhadiracta Indica (Neem), Acacia Concinna (Shikakai)

Exact composition varies by shade - click 'how will it look' beneath the shade of your choice to see the list for that shade.

Do I need to do a patch test for natural Henna hair dye?

Yes, we advise patch testing for all henna hair dyes even 100% natural and organic ones like It's Pure Henna, as we can be sensitive or allergic to anything whether it's natural or not.

How do I do a patch test with natural Henna hair dyes?
  • Take a pinch of It's Pure henna powder from the packet and mix it with a drop of warm water on a saucer. Reseal the pack immediately. Do not allow the remaining henna powder to get wet.
  • Wash a small area of skin inside your elbow and dry gently but thoroughly. Apply the henna mixture to the area with a cotton bud and allow to dry. Do not wash off for AT LEAST 48 hours (Please be aware that in some cases the skin sensitivity/allergy test can take longer to react – up to a week for some people).
  • If during this period you experience any irritation, redness, swelling or burning, wash off immediately. It is likely you are allergic to an ingredient in this product and should not use it.
How do I apply It's Pure Henna hair dye?

It’s Pure Organics Henna Powders are simple to use – just add the powder to warm water in a non-metallic bowl, mix into a smooth paste and apply. Using a Tint Brush can help with application, especially if applying to roots only.

Cover your hair with the plastic cap provided and a warm towel and wait for the colour to develop.

The amount of time it needs to be left on varies with each shade from 30mins to 4 hours, so follow the full instructions in your individual pack carefully.

To significantly extend the longevity of your It's Pure Henna colour we recommend Logona's Mineral Clay Pre-Treatment and Colour Fix After Treatment

How many boxes of It's Pure Henna will I need?

We cannot give you an exact answer as this will always depend on how long or thick you hair is.

If your hair is of average thickness and about shoulder length, you may only need half a full size box of It's Pure henna. For long or very thick hair you may need up to 2 boxes.

If you are applying to your roots only you may get 3 or 4 applications from one box.

Tip: For the most efficient and economical way to apply - when the henna is mixed a non-metallic bowl it can be applied with a hairdressers tint brush, this will help with application and make the mixture go further.

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